Among the strengths.

Identity Creation

Brand identity is more than just creating the right logo to place on a coffee cup or mount above your front door. It's about crafting a personality that amplifies the core elements to your brand's DNA. Today, the most magnetic brand identities scale across digital platforms, IRL experiences, and naturally converse with real customers.

Product Packaging

Consumers do make snap judgements based on what they’re looking at. They look at a product, and its packaging says something to them. Packaging has to be eye-catching, inviting, aspirational and it’s critical for brand recognition. New products entering the market must find ways of making an impact instantaneously and triggering customers’ purchase behavior during that need state.

Marketing Collateral

With the numerous types of marketing collateral, there are many options to choose from when marketing a service, product, and brand...from social media ads, printed brochures to trade show assets. Deciding on the correct type of marketing collateral depends on the desired approach and intent of the marketing initiative.

Sean Maloney

I’m an art director/graphic designer that is as enthusiastic in delivering end-to-end creative solutions with large budgets and high expectations as I am designing for the local bee keeper. Combining my experience State side in the advertising agency world as a senior art director and over 15 years freelance design work, I posses the ability to deliver great solutions across multiple platforms.

A little more.

At the core I am a graphic designer that is focused on the value of creating a strong brand image. An image that has a sense of purpose, that makes a positive impact. Brand images are helped formed and supported by visual elements such as a logo, brochure, photos, packaging, posters, signage or websites. My experience has taught me that ideas for these elements can come from anywhere, that the creative process can be winding, often magical, sometimes difficult and that a hard days work may take all night long. As I see it, with each project, the execution of a unique idea is an opportunity to introduce something new to the world.

If you’re in need of a brand element such as an identity, creative packaging or a great website, you’ve found the right person. Whether your project is a one time need or multiple pieces to a total brand development, I will take on each effort with the goal of creating great, meaningful and effective results.

That goal is what it’s all about, creating great work that meets or exceeds the expectations of the client. Every project is unique with it’s own objectives, target audience, positioning, user aspirations, etc. By process we’ll identify those needs and then use an attentive, collaborative path of development that is result oriented.

  • "It was awesome and nice for once to have someone push me to get things done. Extremely impressed with Sean and his work. I actually dealt with a highly rated packing company and they didn't come close to what Sean did. Outstanding in all aspects" Kenny Ramsey - 22below Sub-Zero

  • Incredible work! Great creative ideas and Sean's openess to collabertive efforts is second to none. Joanna Ellington - ING Fertilty and Glyciome

  • Always love working with the guy. Kelly Andrews - Chuckanut Distillery.

  • Design, design and redesign. Not a problem for Maloney, always postive. Get's it done. Ray MacNamara - Ann's Bakery.