Logos, packaging, collateral... perspectives, for what they are worth, by a well seasoned graphic designer.

The importance of a logo.

Often the single most visible expression of a brand’s identity is the logo. It’s the company signature, the brand icon and the banner under which one does business. A logo design should complement your company core values, ethics and vision. It also must reflect your brand positioning and desired image....Read more.

Canning for small batch craft brewers.

We know a lot of breweries and other craft beverage producers gave it their best to keep business going, get full tanks into cans and transition to curbside pick-up, drive-through or delivery sales during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. We did the same at Millwood Brewing Co. with the hope of surviving....Read more.

Water Bottle Label Shape and Design

Today in 2022, we are in the world of millennials and the global generation. Increasing health awareness and making a lifestyle statement through custom water bottles is booming. A catchy and creative product label design attracts a potential buyer and influences any customer’s decision making....Read more.

My basic creative process.

Fundamental to creating strong brand elements is to clearly understand those unique needs. To ensure a successful project result it is essential that your designer understands and acknowledges a clear understanding of the goal...Read more.