Canning for small batch craft brewers.

We know a lot of breweries and other craft beverage producers gave it their best to keep business going, get full tanks into cans and transition to curbside pick-up, drive-through or delivery sales during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. We did the same at Millwood Brewing Co. with the hope to survive.

Millwood Brewing Co.
Small batch craft beers in a can.

With on-premise sales all but vanished, like ourselves, beverage makers needed to turn to canning in order to generate revenue via sales off-premise. With a majority of craft brewers not set up with canning lines, mobile canning and packaging services offered brewers several options to can their beer in their brewery when the beer is freshest and ready to package. This opened new opportunities for craft brewers to distribute their product beyond the tap room and make productive, profitable use of brewing capacity.

The mobile canning for us was a lifeline with curbside sales having exceeded our expectations, although they pale in comparison to what small batch breweries make in taprooms, especially on a slamming Friday or Saturday night. If fact, for us, the mobile canning led the way to investing in our own small batch canning machine, an American Canning AT-1 Filler/Seamer, one of the most compact, fully-automated canning systems on the market.

By - Sean Maloney | Maloney Design